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A recent test study has shown a 28 percent return on investment which will be indexed linked to the price of gas or oil, based on a ready supply of sustainable wood.

Is there a better investment available in the uk offering these returns on investment and making our planet a better place to live for the future and increasing the value of our your home.

The planets resources are fast becoming in short supply, and with ever increasing oil and gas prices here at Natures Flame we wish to provide alternatives to the usual oil, electric and gas solutions. Why pay huge fuel bills when Natures Flame can provide and install all the new innovative technologies making a sustainable home, with minimal fuel bills for the years ahead. Where else can you get over a 20% return on your investment year on year as well as adding value to your home and desireable features such as woodburners.

Dont just take our word for it, come visit our showroom to see these technologies working. At our showroom near Bath we have a range of woodburners on display with over 100 stoves to choose from, a working thermal store providing full wet heating to our offices, granite hearths more hot water than we could ever use in a day and a fully working solar thermal scheme through our partnership with Navitron.

We have both wet and dry wood burner and multi fuel systems which can be professionally installed by Natures Flame. We are pleased to offer many government incentives and payments through our partnership with Navitron.


Thermal stores allow multiple heat sources
to contribute to the entire heating system.
It allows the householder to generate
pressurised hot water for more than one
outlet at once.

Heat water for your home using energy from the sun.
Solar water heating systems use free
heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water.
Generate cheap, green electricity
from sunlight.
Solar panel electricity systems capture the
sun's energy using photovoltaic cells.
Save money on your electricity bills by installing a Voltage Optimisation unit.
By reducing the amount of energy consumed, a voltage optimisation system will save money on annual electricity bills.

Working with Geoff Thomas and Son for Oil and Gas
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Braysdown Works, Braysdown, Peasedown St. John, Bath BA2 8LL
Phone: 01761 439408

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